Customize Heat Sink


If EnzoTech's standard heat sinks do not meet your needs, we can create a custom thermal solution using cost efficient strategies and quick response time. The following guidelines should be considered when developing a custom heat sink solution.
There are two different custom design levels.
Modification of an existing design
o Typically, minimal, or no tooling fees are required.
o Suitable for low-mid quantity usage.
o Modifications such as cutting, welding , drilling, machining or wire EDM/EDM processes can be applied to existing standard heat sinks in order to achieve the desired result.
* New tooling approach
o Fin (pin) configuration, base size, and shape options are almost unlimited.
o Suitable for mid-high volume custom parts.
o Tooling charges apply

Change fin height or base thickness

Left: Customized (Base thickness 3.8mm, Fin height 10.8mm)
Right: Standard model MP29-15 (Base thickness 2.6mm, Fin height 12mm)

Shrink base size

Left: Original base size 90x90mm
Right: Modified base size 80x80mm
* Fins should be removed if the base cut line crosses fins, or wire-EDM machining would be required.

Enlarge base size

Left: Original base size 254x102 mm
Right: Modified base size 1016x102 mm
* The Al-Al Welding process is suitable for base thickness under 12 mm.

Remove fins

Left:Original heat sink without modification
Right: Heat sink with fin removal and mounting holes
*Size 101.6x101.6x25.4 mm

Drill holes

Left:Original heat sink without modification(size 60x60x20 mm)
Right:Customized ( Heat sink with through holes)
* Note: If interference with fins exists, fins around holes and cutted corners are removed.


Embed copper plate or heat pipe

A copper plate (heat spreader) or heat pipes can be embedded in the heat sink. Copper plates and heat pipes have higher thermal conductivity and increase performance.
Left: All aluminum heat sink
Middle: Aluminum heat sink with a copper plate embedded base
Right: Aluminum heat sink with heat pipe embedded base.
* Note: Embedded Copper surfaces cannot be anodized and embedded Heat Pipes are usually nickel plated.


Change the position of push pins

The Heat Sink shown is attached using push pin and spring technology. Malico can modify the position of push pins to match your PCB mounting holes. A large combination of push pins and springs are available to accommodate almost any specification (ie; PCB thickness, chip size and target load).
Left: Heat sink with mounting holes at sides. MPWS37-25
Right: Heat sink with mounting holes at the corners - MPW37-25


Left : Heat sink is attached by push pin
Right : Heat sink is attached by Talon Clip® Variety of fin shapes

Variety of fin shapes

Virtually any fin shape or pattern is possible. Base size and shape is also very flexible. With custom tooling, some feature, like prutrusion or recessed base areas or two-side fins can be created in the tooling, minimizing the amount of secondary machining. Change material
Change material
Either copper or aluminum material can be used.
Left : Heat Sink in Aluminum
Right : Heat Sink in Copper